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November 25th 1992, four days after my thirteenth birthday, I was in a parking lot surrounded by about 45,000 people in Caracas, Venezuela at a Guns & Roses concert. This is the moment I decided to become a musician. I sold my bicycle and a few other things and after saving for about a year my mom took me to a music store. I had this idea that I was going to be a drummer but once I was in the store I realized I couldn't afford a drum set. Most of my neighborhood friends were guitar players, but since I couldn’t afford a drum set, I bought a bass guitar instead (I wanted to be in a band ASAP).

I never became a drummer but I ended up learning how to play bass, guitar, and singing. Today my biggest passion is writing uplifting, positive songs inspired by God, family, friendships and hope! I also love recording, studio toys, software, and producing my original songs in my home studio.

I'm always looking for musicians to collaborate with so if you would like to work together or even just to jam, please contact me via the contact form.

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